Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 10 Social Media Tools you should be using.

Paid & Free Tools that can take your social media marketing to the next level

Social Media monitoring is necessity in today’s age of global media. With the advent of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkdIn, to name a few, businesses have a better opportunity to create a community around their brand. This enables them to reach new segments of their market locally and internationally, receive feedback from customers and create positive images and feelings associated with the brand. Social media is easily misused however and sometimes it can be hard to gauge how effective a brand’s social media campaign actually is. At Xperience Marketing Solutions, we want our customers to get the most out of their social media marketing. That’s why we rounded up some of the most useful social media monitoring tools in a list to help you optimize your social media experience.

  1. Brandwatch ($)                                                                                                                             This tool monitors when and where on the internet a brand is being talked about. It’s simple,     customizable interface gives it an edge over similar tools.                               http://www.brandwatch.com/
  1. Icerocket (Free)                                                                                                                            This tool delivers results in an easily digestible, one page format. It tracks twitter, blogs,  Facebook and other spheres on the web to look for brand mentions.              http://www.icerocket.com/
  1. Postling ($)                                                                                                                                   Allows small and medium businesses to find and respond to customer reviews and comments  on them on sites such as Yelp. It also notifies users instantly when they have a new review.         https://www.postling.com/
  1. Social Mention (Free)                                                                                                                       A handy tool which provides real time results and analysis of social media feeds such as  Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google, etc in one convenient stream.              http://socialmention.com/
  1. Agora Pulse ($)                                                                                                                           This is a premium Facebook app which creates and manages campaigns for businesses who    focus on Facebook, and delivers in depth analytics and CRM.             http://www.agorapulse.com/
  1. Mention (Free)                                                                                                                            This media monitoring Smartphone app that creates real time alerts for mentions of a brand  or company across a variety of social platforms and the web.                       https://en.mention.net/
  1. Source Metrics ($)                                                                                                           Companies that engage in e commerce can use this app to track exactly how much revenue    social media is generating.                                                                         http://sourcemetrics.com/
  1. Social Crawlytics (Free)                                                                                                               Any URL can be analyzed by this tool to find out which social network user interact with it the  most. It also provides information about specific content on sites and how it ranks on social  media.                                                                                                    https://socialcrawlytics.com/
  1. Group High ($)                                                                                                                            This blogger outreach tool is useful for link building, as it identifies influential bloggers and  sites for any specific topic.                                                                      http://www.grouphigh.com/
  1. Buffer (Free)                                                                                                                                For businesses that have a presence on several different social platforms, this app schedules postings across various platforms such a Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.               http://bufferapp.com/
The above tools are just a small sample of the many options that are currently available for social media marketing. It’s important when deciding on social media marketing tools to consider the specific needs of your brand, how useful the app or tool really is and what investment you are willing to make (if any). At Xperience Marketing Solutions, we have many years of experience in helping our clients navigate the world of social media marketing and tools. Please contact us to get in touch with our social media team to determine which type of social media marketing strategy is most useful for your brand. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

What is link building?

Tips on how to improve link building. 

The term link building has become a marketing buzz word that is mentioned time and time again in blogs, articles, and by SEO experts. For companies seeking to improve their online marketing strategy, link building is often a misunderstood term. This article explains the true significance of link building, so it can be further understood and utilized by companies to improve their web presence.

Many of our clients ask “What is Link Building”?
Link building, in its barest form is simply having a number of links on the web that direct to your site. This is a very simplified explanation of it and most experts agree that correct link building needs to be taken further.  Effective link building is increasing the number of relevant, high quality links to your site on other web pages.

Why is Link Building Important?
For the past two decades, search engines have used the number of links that lead back to a page as currency to determine the popularity and relevance of the page. This is achieved using complex algorithms that analyze the number of visits the page receives and the other pages that link back to it. Simply put, more links equals a higher ranked webpage and more traffic. Correct link building has definite, long term effects on the visibility and popularity of a website. It ensures that the site will not be buried in cyberspace, but seen by as many people as possible.

Link building is not a new concept; it has been around since the 1990’s. Only recently however, with the rise of the use of internet technology and online shopping has it increased in significance and potential. Currently, an adequate use of link building can open nearly limitless possibilities for a website, if some important principles are taken into account. We are happy to share some tips that will help you achieve a successful Link Building strategy and practice.

  • Research the target sites for your link building practice. The best sites to link build with are those that are experts in your field, or run by highly regarded and well known members of that particular field. Build a relationship with these sites, contact the appropriate administration personnel, link to relevant portals and sites while you request them to link reciprocally to you.
  • Working on your own website is paramount. Having interesting, quality information and material that is updated frequently makes your website more likely to be linked naturally (simply for its content and relevant, current information), and it makes it easier to influence the highest ranked sites to link back to you.
  • Do not fall prey to unethical link practices and initiatives endorsed by some online marketing agencies that offer services such as “paid link building” (under some circumstances this may be an illegal practice) and you will be spamming other websites and may be harming other people, even if it is not intentional from your end. Bottom line, these types of actions will not help your sites ranking in the long term and may even hurt it, if the site gets penalized for spamming or participating in paid link and unethical online marketing schemes.

So there you have it. These suggestions, several other phases and other great techniques are currently being used by the SEO team at great online marketing agencies such as “Xperience Marketing Solutions”  www.XperienceMarketingSolution.com . As a result their clients and other companies that they work with to help them improve their organic search engine optimization and placement can begin to establish a link building strategy that will broaden their horizons and help them grow and evolve in the long term on the top search engines and directories. The best place to turn to when starting the companies link building strategy or online marketing in general is a reputable, experienced marketing agency that can help you transform your company’s potential on the web.
We invite you to visit www.XperienceMarketingSolution.com  and www.MySocialmediawebsites.com to find out more information about professional online marketing services that will help you with your SEO, SEP, SEM, Social media marketing and other online marketing needs.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What our customers are saying about “Xperience Marketing Solutions”

What our customers are saying about “Xperience Marketing Solutions”

The team at Xperience Marketing Solutions always strives to provide the best possible service to all our clients. We take pride in every project we work on. Our priority is sincere communication with each client in order to asses their individual marketing needs and provide the right solutions. At Xperience we value our client's reputation as much as our own, since we understand that there is no marketing agency without the clients. That's why we work on every project as if it were our own, and always uphold our values of integrity, respect and professionalisms in each and every dealing with our clients.

These are some of the comments and feedback we have received from some of our clients:


Designing and developing Leslie Grace’s website (www.LeslieGrace.com) with Xperience Marketing Solutions was truly a wonderful “Xperience”!
Their creative intuition and technical know-how resulted in a cutting edge website which is purely reflective of the artist’s image and personality as well as her social media needs.
Thank you Juan and the Xperience Marketing Solutions Team !
We look forward to working with you again sometime soon.

-J. Behar
641 Meridian Entertainment Management Group.


Your team at XMS – Xperience Marketing Solutions - has been doing an outstanding job building my new website and I am really pleased with the caliber of the work and level of the service.  When obstacles have come up they are immediately addressed and I am extremely pleased with the results.  Once I have put the final touches on the site (hopefully all by Monday) I am excited to start our next phase of marketing…  

Lynn, the marketing specialist managing our account, is an absolute delight to work with and has provided top level support in a warm and friendly manner every step of the way.

Thank you for reaching out to me, I really appreciate it!

- Beth Turek 


Once more, we are very impressed with your service and professionalism.

 -William M.
Marketing Director,

Thank you to you and the entire team of professionals, you're all A+. This was a great project for me and I appreciate your patience, talent and trustworthy service.

-Dr.Marleen (ADHD specialist)


These are just a few comments from some of our client. We invite you to visit our website to see what other companies are saying about our services.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable marketing agency, Xperience Marketing Solutions, is the right choice for your company. 

Our customers are very happy and satisfied with the level of services we provide and they value our good-natured team attitude and dedication for the work we do. Give us the opportunity to establish a relationship with your business and you will soon find out what a difference a highly talented, creative and professional marketing team makes! We assure you that you will find yourself a satisfied customer. We look forward to collaborating with you on your future marketing projects.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Is your website mobile friendly? If not, get with the program!
The importance of mobile optimization

The use of mobile devices is increasing steadily every day. The cell phones of yesteryear that were used to receive and make calls are being replaced with a dizzying array of intelligent devices that offer the user hundreds of functions design to smooth and facilitate the tasks of everyday life. There is a device that appeals to every kind of user, and they are widely available. Furthermore, the technology that makes them so user friendly shows no sign of slowing down, and it can be expected that they will only be more intuitive and useful in the future. Knowing this information, it’s no surprise that the number of users who are expected to use their device to make online purchases will jump 26% by 2017. This opens up a whole new segment of the population as potential customers for your brand, the people who prefer to browse the web from their mobile device(s).

Even if you already have a well-established website, optimizing the site for mobile access requires adhering to some parameters that many business owners do not take into account, thereby hurting their company. Users are repelled by sites that are not well suited to mobile platforms and have lacklustre performance, loading issues, reduced navigation speed and other issues. The design of the mobile site needs to be taken into account before losing revenue and potential customers due to negative experiences when visitors access to your site from a mobile device.

An important factor that needs to be kept in mind when planning the mobile site is the discrepancy between the screen sizes of traditional computers and the newer mobile devices. These range from smaller smart phones with 3.5 inch screens to 9.5 inch tablet screens.Because of this, you have to make sure that you:

Check your site to make sure it loads and performs well in the most common mobile devices of different screen sizes.
Adapt all content so that the maximum size of the mobile website does not exceed 20 kilobytes.
Optimize your content for faster loading time; the easiest way to do this is by reducing the number of images on your mobile site. Visitors will appreciate fast loading times.

W3C Mobile: This tool allows you to evaluate the level of Validation of the mobile version of your website. The aim of this application is to show you if your web site is user friendly, just enter the address of your website and once the analysis is performed the tool will indicate via icons and colours the state of your website for different mobile devices.

These are just a few tips and strategies to keep in mind when making your current site more mobile user friendly. Depending on the nature of your company, a well optimized mobile site will play a big part in attracting more customers and generating more revenue. It will also give you an edge over your competitors. In today’s technological era, most businesses could greatly benefit from an optimized mobile site.

Is your website design ready for mobile devices?
If you need to “mobilize” you website, you should work with a professional mobile web design agency such as “Xperience Marketing Solutions”, an award winning agency servicing companies in USA, Europe and Latin America for the past 15 years. Currently with local marketing agents in The Treasure Coast, Palm Beaches and all South Florida.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to hire an Online Marketing Agency.

You may think that your business does not require a professional social media marketing team. However, Americans spend on average, over an hour a day on the internet, not counting the time they spend accessing social media from mobile devices. With all the time that is spent consuming information online, it’s the perfect opportunity for businesses to gain exposure and get consumers interested in them. Social media and web marketing is one of the most underestimated tools by business owners, who take an over simplified approach to it, which limits their success. The truth is, online marketing should be handled just like traditional marketing, and it is best done by experts who can aid your business in reaching its biggest potential. The following are 10 reasons why you should hire an Online Marketing Agency.

  1. Your company is ready to go to the next level.                                                                      When you have a team of professionals working to attract and get the attention of as many people in your target demographic, this ensures that your company is being seen by the people who matter the most-potential customers.
  1. You don’t have the time or knowledge to plan and implement online strategy.                 Online marketing is much more than creating a social media page for your business, uploading a few pictures and information about your product and calling it a day. Like we mentioned above, attracting the right attention is key, and this is only achieved by a professional, defined online strategy designed to optimize your company’s reach.
  1. Your competitors have better online exposure than your company does.                           People like convenience. You might have more competitive prices, or a higher quality product. However, if your competitor’s website is the first one that pops up when you search for that product, and your site is buried five pages of results back, most of your potential customers are going to have no idea you even exist. When you pay for professional search engine optimization, you ensure your page is always at the top-and highly visible.
  1. Outdated look and corporate image                                                                              Nowadays, many people will check out a businesses’ website or social media site to find out more about them before they even visit the location, because it’s only a click away. We humans are visually orientated creatures. There’s a reasons multinational corporations spend billions of dollars and hire an entire team of designers to create their logo. Conveying the right emotions and having the right look for your site works wonders for your business. That means keeping up with the current trends, so no flashy graphics and comic sans font inundated pages like those in the nineties’. A professional team will know exactly how to design your page so it beckons people, rather than repel them.
  1. You are working with an unreliable “freelancer”                                                                 When you retain services from a digital or online marketing agency, you will have access to a professional web design team. Multiple creative and professional minds working on your behalf which 9 out of 10 times proves to be better a business decision than just hiring a freelance.  If you lose the freelance your project stops and you have to waste time finding another person to take over the project. Making that decision in a hurry may lead to a bigger mistake and a bigger waste of time and money for your company. With a digital agency you have a design team, so even if you lose one designer, the rest of the team will keep working on your project. They will know exactly how to proceed and you will not have to waste time going over every little detail with the next freelancer.
  1. Poor design and maintenance on your website                                                                Websites should not only be attractive, but functional. Nothing turns people off faster than a labyrinth of outdated links with illegible text and ambiguous information. A properly designed website has all the information someone might require about the product or service, is a user friendly format, and is frequently updated and easy to navigate. Remember, consumers like convenience! They will not spend time going looking through your entire site to find the address for your company. They will simply go to another page.
  1. No clue about eCRM and opt-in email regulations                                                              Those without a background in marketing and sales might have no clue about CRM, much less eCRM. Even if a business owner recognizes its importance, it requires time and effort to implement and maintain and really, who has time for that while running a business? Better leave it to the professionals in eCRM solutions. The same goes for email regulations. Opt-in email marketing is a really useful tool for businesses, but being unaware of the regulations can land an unsuspecting business owner in legal woes. The best way to avoid the hassle is to turn it all over to a knowledgeable agency.
8.   Lack of professional social media exposure
With literally millions of pages on social media for all types of products and services, it’s easy for your company to get lost in the pack. Social media users are bombarded with advertisements for pages every day, and they ignore most of them. They only want to interact with truly interesting and engaging pages. Managing a page that stands out and really piques the user’s interest is no small task, and is quite time consuming. Leave it to a social media marketing team.

9.      No presence on search engines and directories
Going back to what was previously said; even a well designed, functional and attractive website will never be seen by anyone if it is not in the top two pages of results when people look for similar products on a search engine. Most people are unaware that the first few sites that pop up in the results on a search engine do not do so by chance; there are clearly defined ways to optimize search engine results. If you don’t have a clue about this, don’t worry, a professional agency will.

  1. You have very limited online presence                                                                                Maybe your business has website, and even a Facebook or Twitter. That should be enough right? Most of the time, it’s not. The truth is that new social media sites are popping up every day, and each one attracts a different segment of the population. Sites like Linkdin, Pinterest, Tumblr, all attract different kinds of users and focus on different kind of content. Having some or all of these pages will allow you to reach segments of potential customers you never knew you had. But each one must be managed differently to get the most out of it. If this sounds like a huge time commitment or confusing, that’s because it is. Online marketing requires all this and more. Still think you can do it yourself? Do your company and yourself a favor and hire an online marketing agency. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rebranding your company’s image. (Before and After)

Your company’s image is one of the most important elements of your marketing communication and your business as a whole. Our marketing professionals and creative teams at “Xperience Marketing Solutions” will carefully draft and craft the perfect image for your company.  Whether you are starting a new business venture or when you are ready to move to the next level, your company needs to be ready and your image should be one of the priorities.
As you can see below on this “before and after sample” Xperience Marketing Solutions has help “Colleen's Catering Services” transform their corporate image and online presence with a professionally designed logo and a fantastic website that highlights all the great aspects of Colleen’s Catering business.

After XMS team worked on it.   www.colleenscateringservices.com  

Our Xperience Marketing Solutions team, specializes on creating or improving any existing corporate image as well as conceiving ideas and designs for a variety of promotional materials and marketing campaigns.
We invite you to visit our website to see other case studies and samples of work we’ve done for our clients around the world.

www.Estudio11.com  - Portfolio website

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Xperience Marketing Solutions, helping Norris School district launch "Fund Raising Program"

The Norris school district has a long history of outstanding academic achievement and activities involvement dating back to its origination in 1964. The two compatible areas of hard-earned accomplishments in the classroom and competitive excellence on the competition field, court and stage go hand-in-hand and define the essence of what it means to be a Titan.

Xperience Marketing Solutions – www.XperienceMarketingSolutions.com – has been planning and implementing a promotional campaign to help Norris School launch their “fund raising program.”
The district, guided by its outstanding board of education, has developed a strategic plan for site development which includes expanded weight and strength training (a classroom space which will impact every competitive athletic activity as well), artificial turf field, baseball diamond, and tennis courts. It is truly outstanding to note the capacity the district already possesses: the land is available and accessible for development of these facilities.
Norris school district, just needs your help to contribute the resources to make development of this ground possible. 
We invite you to visit Norris Titan’s Facilities fund website:  http://www.titansfacilitiesfund.com

Xperience Marketing Solutions has also worked with other non-profit organizations to help them plan and implement multiple online and offline marketing initiatives that have allowed them to accomplished their objectives.

For additional information about Xperience Marketing Solutions, please visit these websites:

www.Estudio11.com  - Portfolio website
www.MySocialMediaWebsite.com – Social Media Services website

XMS helps Top Stop Music launch “Salsa Giants” and takes it to the top of the charts..!!

XMS - Xperience Marketing Solutions, has been working closely with Top Stop Music to promote the “Salsa Giants” new album release in CD and DVD. www.SalsaGiants.com
The marketing professionals’ team at Xperience Marketing Solutions has planned and implemented an international marketing campaign to launch “Salsa Giants”. As a result of the great effort from XMS and Top Stop Music team, we have seen “Salsa Giants” go to the top of the charts.
Visit the “Salsa Giants” official website www.SalsaGiants.com to find more detailed information about the great concert (tambien disponible en español.)
“I couldn't have made a better decision,” said Sergio George. “To see these giants move so many souls together was a one and only experience, that fortunately, was recorded so it would never be forgotten, because concerts like that are rarely repeated.” The concert began with a brief piano introduction from George before a series of Salsa legends representing numerous cultures took the stage.
"Salsa Giants" has been ranking as #1 for several weeks at the Latin Billboard. Now it is a closed second right after Marc Anthony’s new album.

Xperience Marketing Solutions continues working as a digital marketing agency, helping Top Stop Music with their online marketing needs and some their artists.
For additional information about Xperience Marketing Solutions, please visit the following sites.

www.Estudio11.com  - Portfolio website

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Biggest mistakes people make with facebook and social media marketing:

All companies need a presence in social media and we should see this source as an ally to achieve our goals, however, not all are prepared to take virtual interaction with the customer and could make different mistakes like:

  • Lack of understanding about benefits & purpose of social media marketing

  • Relying on unreliable people to do the job

  • Lack of patience and determination
  • Not realizing it requires effort and hard work.
  • Not enough supervision & not posting enough  (Standard time recommended - at least 3-4 hours per week.   At least monitoring and adding information)
  • Too many people managing the same account & not communicating
  • Lack of knowledge and social media skills
  • Wrong expectations for Measurement  & tracking: general information  ( Use as intelligence gathering … Do Not get caught up on tracking direct ROI. )
  • Too many straight promotions. (Rather than pushing coupons, post quality posting and exciting information. Concentrate on establishing your network and build trust. )
·  Believing that everything is free: While creating an account in social networking is free, everything related to work to develop a strategy for entering and staying in them has a price. Hire community managers, specialized companies or create advertising and marketing campaigns in social media.

·   Censoring: is not good to delete comments that you do not like, the idea is to RESPOND.

·  Creatingz a Facebook page, a posting wall of activities or worse, publish exclusively benefits and features of products.

·   Invite to events which are not events: a new product is not an event, a new campaign is not an event. Events, is a tool for planning MEETINGS.

·   Abusively use private messaging system to send advertising.
· Wanting to win many followers instantly: Social Media Followers must be earned, not only just to follow, are long-term prospects and should be measured as such. How to gain followers? Is not easy, but it's easy when you are original and transmitting useful information not only publish what you sell or the services that you offer.

· Lack of commitment: If your community is devoting their time to engage with the content you are creating in Facebook, you should do the same. Reply to comments. Do not start with "Very well, thank you" or something like this.

If your feel your company is ready to go to the next level, contact the marketing specialist at "Xperience Marketing Solutions" to request information about our Social Media Services and let our company help your business grow.

Please send us an email with your request to: info@xperiencemarketingsolutions.com
So we can schedule a free consultation with our social media marketing specialists.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Is Social Media Marketing Important for Small Business?

Marketing strategies and the right communication plans are the must of any successful entrepreneur. Nowadays social media networks are a fundamental part of any marketing and communication mix. Social media networks serve many functions that allow you to promote your products or services, interact with existing customers and reach out to their friends and other possible prospects.

Adopting Social Media Marketing strategies is not only an option for large companies, but it has become something essential for all businesses. Every day new published studies demonstrate the impact that social media has on customers and the effect it has from the search to the purchase of products and services.

Social networks have proved to be more than just a fad or a way to waste time. They have become one of the most useful tools to reach new consumers who are increasingly immersed in social media.

Social media contribute to a new way of communication between the company and the customer, where information flows in both directions. Now the user feels closer to your brand through the process where you can hear and talk alike. Previously, the client was just a receiver and now they interact 24/7. Social media also after a new channel of communication with your existing customers and a new way of providing customer support.

If your feel your company is ready to go on to the next level, contact the marketing specialist at "Xperience Marketing Solutions" to request information about our Social Media Services and let our company help your business grow.

Please send us an email with your request to: info@xperiencemarketingsolutions.com
So we can schedule a free consultation with our social media marketing specialists.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Make sure your website makes a good first impression.!

On many occasions, your website will be the first impression a possible new customer will get from your company.
It is imperative your website is functional and can be properly navigated on the top browsers. Nowadays, mobile communication is part of the business environment and your website should also be compatible with cell phones and other mobile devices.

A professional appearance is one of the most important elements of your website. Dos your website currently represents the image you want your business to portray?

Your website can be considered as your "online store front", in a matter of seconds, a visitor may decide what your business is capable of doing by the look, feel and clarity of your website.

Your website portrays who you are, what does your business have to offer, your business unique qualities and others highlights.
Make sure you offer something valuable and convey your message in an organized, easy to navigate website.
Leverage your most visual content, images, pictures graphics are key in conveying an image of quality and clarity about what your business offers.

Incorporate social media to enhance your website experience and interact with visitors.
Optimize your website and find the best option to improve Search Engine Marketing

If you feel your company is ready to go to the next level, or you know it is time to enhance your company's image and keep up with technology, contact the marketing specialist at "Xperience Marketing Solutions" to request a "Website assessment and online marketing analysis". Send us an email with your request to: info@xperiencemarketingsolutions.com

Assessment may include: World Wide Web consortium compatibility, standards and guidelines, website functionality and content review.
Analysis to make sure your website is properly optimized for SEO, proper listing on top search engines, assessment of reviews about your business (what people are saying about your business), social media integration and others comments and suggestions.

Stay tuned for future Tips and suggestions from our marketing professional team.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Social Media & SEO

Social Media Marketing Solutions

Social media has become an intricate and very important element of any online marketing campaign. Social media increases your traffic on your site, promotes your brand, improves your SEO and much more.

Our social media team will help you plan, develop and implement you with the following and much more...

  • Development and design of social media presence
  • Development of social media community
  • Link building & traffic generation
  • Content writing & supervision
  • Blog development
Let us build your custom site for facebook

For more information visit our Websitehttp://xperiencemarketingsolutions.com/

Website Design

Xperience Creative Design

Our creative agency counts with a group of talented designers that provide individual attention to each one of our clients.

Our team specializes on creating or improving our clients' corporate image as well as conceiving ideas designs for a variety of marketing campaigns.
Whether we have to create or revamp a website, design a logo, come up with the genuine print ad, or even capture artistic photography; our pledge is to provide the best services and advise to each one of our clients.

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Online Marketing Services

Opt - in email

One of the best ways to reach a specific target audience is via a targeted permission - bared double opt - in email list..
Opt- in means people have given their permission to receive information about products and services of their interest.
Xperience has tailor - made all its specially lists to meet your need and offer excellent results. Our confirmed opt - in emails are one of the best, fastest and most effective ways to promote your business. Xperience works with agencies and companies on several continents, sharing with them our expertise, know- how and techniques on reaching specific target audiences worldwide.

Search Engine Marketing 

Xperience search engine placement solutions puts your company on all major search engines on the internet for all those companies that want their websites to be indexed on the top search engines and directories, or companies that want to improve their existing position on the search engines and want to be placed on the top pages of the most popular search engines and directories.

Our search engine placement solutions will put your company on the top search engines, including, the top Spanish/Hispanic search engines in USA, America and Europe.

CRM ServicesCustomer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is considered as an essential piece of the marketing mix for any company or organization. The function of a CRM program is to cultivate an ongoing relationship with you existing customers.
A good CRM plan will allow you to integrate all the data about sales leads, associated companies, current customers, and others pertinent information that will allow you to keep tow way communication with    your customer.

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