Monday, November 18, 2013

What is link building?

Tips on how to improve link building. 

The term link building has become a marketing buzz word that is mentioned time and time again in blogs, articles, and by SEO experts. For companies seeking to improve their online marketing strategy, link building is often a misunderstood term. This article explains the true significance of link building, so it can be further understood and utilized by companies to improve their web presence.

Many of our clients ask “What is Link Building”?
Link building, in its barest form is simply having a number of links on the web that direct to your site. This is a very simplified explanation of it and most experts agree that correct link building needs to be taken further.  Effective link building is increasing the number of relevant, high quality links to your site on other web pages.

Why is Link Building Important?
For the past two decades, search engines have used the number of links that lead back to a page as currency to determine the popularity and relevance of the page. This is achieved using complex algorithms that analyze the number of visits the page receives and the other pages that link back to it. Simply put, more links equals a higher ranked webpage and more traffic. Correct link building has definite, long term effects on the visibility and popularity of a website. It ensures that the site will not be buried in cyberspace, but seen by as many people as possible.

Link building is not a new concept; it has been around since the 1990’s. Only recently however, with the rise of the use of internet technology and online shopping has it increased in significance and potential. Currently, an adequate use of link building can open nearly limitless possibilities for a website, if some important principles are taken into account. We are happy to share some tips that will help you achieve a successful Link Building strategy and practice.

  • Research the target sites for your link building practice. The best sites to link build with are those that are experts in your field, or run by highly regarded and well known members of that particular field. Build a relationship with these sites, contact the appropriate administration personnel, link to relevant portals and sites while you request them to link reciprocally to you.
  • Working on your own website is paramount. Having interesting, quality information and material that is updated frequently makes your website more likely to be linked naturally (simply for its content and relevant, current information), and it makes it easier to influence the highest ranked sites to link back to you.
  • Do not fall prey to unethical link practices and initiatives endorsed by some online marketing agencies that offer services such as “paid link building” (under some circumstances this may be an illegal practice) and you will be spamming other websites and may be harming other people, even if it is not intentional from your end. Bottom line, these types of actions will not help your sites ranking in the long term and may even hurt it, if the site gets penalized for spamming or participating in paid link and unethical online marketing schemes.

So there you have it. These suggestions, several other phases and other great techniques are currently being used by the SEO team at great online marketing agencies such as “Xperience Marketing Solutions” . As a result their clients and other companies that they work with to help them improve their organic search engine optimization and placement can begin to establish a link building strategy that will broaden their horizons and help them grow and evolve in the long term on the top search engines and directories. The best place to turn to when starting the companies link building strategy or online marketing in general is a reputable, experienced marketing agency that can help you transform your company’s potential on the web.
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